Cheticamp-Style Rugs

Learn how to design and hook a Cheticamp-style rug

Betty Ann learned how to “hook” from her mother at the age of six and is a fourth generation rug hooker. She has over 30 years in group facilitation and uses this craft as her daily “grounding” moment. She has also taught rug hooking classes in New-Brunswick for several years. Though she never made it her career, she is very interested in showing the potential of this craft. She hopes that by teaching rug hooking it will honour the artisans who kept it alive. She hopes to help promote and revive this craft with as many who want to join in. This craft can be done by the young, the more mature and those in between. It can be an inter-generational activity as it was for both of us growing up.

Rug hooking can be a form of “zen” and “meditation” moment.

It can be good for the soul. Try it!

Summer 2023


La Place Père Anselme Chiasson
(Conseil des arts de Chéticamp)
15118 Cabot Trail, Cheticamp, NS. B0E 1H0
Tel.: 902-224-1876


June, 20 – September 2
Tuesday afternoons: 1:30-3:00 pm
Tuesday evenings: 6:00-7:30 pm
Please Note: Children younger than 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


$60 / participant
Includes all the essentials for our Workshop;

  • 90-Minute Class,
  • Wool,
  • Handmade Hook,
  • Design, and
  • Burlap.

(Family & Group rates available)

Please Note: All classes are 90 minutes in duration. ONLY participants will be allowed to enter the room during the class.

Level I - Baby Steps 1, 2, 3 (beginner)

Through adult learning methods, the participant will learn the basic steps in hooking a Cheticamp-style rug. Betty Ann will guide you through the process while having fun and learning a new craft. She will also share some anecdotal story of her own experiences and facts about the history of the beginnings of this 1920’s local “cottage industry”.

You will learn the basic steps of hooking a 4square inch Cheticamp style mug rug. However, as a beginner, minimum of 6 hours of classes is recommended. No pieces will be kept on our frames from one class to another nor will you be able to bring what you worked on the frame home. However, Betty Ann will encourage you to practice at home on the free kits we will provide to you after the class or on your own frame.

She will encourage you to let your “creative juices” flow. Betty Ann will have a few good stories to share and lots of laughs while learning all of what you need to know about “hooking”!

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Level II - Learning to Fly on Your Own (Intermediate)

This course is for those who after being comfortable with what they have learned in Level I or who already know how to hook, wish to learn more about designing, shading techniques, using two-ply fine wool in different ways, etc. We will do our best to have additional rug hookers in the class to help you out.

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  • Level III – It Is Amazing (Advanced)
  • Learning how to dye your own two-ply fine wool, the Cheticamp way
  • Let’s Talk Natural Dyes
Betty Ann Cormier Rug Hooking Workshops
Betty Ann Cormier Rug Hooking Workshops
Betty Ann Cormier Rug Hooking Workshops
Betty Ann Cormier Rug Hooking Workshops
Betty Ann Cormier Rug Hooking Workshops